Jeeves and the Wedding Bells – a fitting tribute to P.G. Wodehouse

Sebastian Faulks has tried his hand at producing a tribute novel in the vein of P.G Wodehouse – Jeeves and the Wedding Bells – and he has brought the effort off very deftly indeed.

The first few pages of Jeeves and the Wedding Bells left me groaning internally, it is not the strongest of beginnings, and had me thinking that Mr. Faulks had come a cropper right from the start. But I resolved to read on and was rewarded with a delightful tale involving Wodehouse’s perennial characters Bertie Wooster and his gentleman’s gentleman, Jeeves.

It doesn’t quite reach the heights of Wodehouse at his best, and you are aware as you read that it isn’t quite the exact pen of the master, but it certainly does a jolly good job at it.

I won’t go into plot lines, because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I recommend “Jeeves and the Wedding Bells” wholeheartedly to Wodehouse die-hards and newcomers alike.

You can also read a review from the Globe and Mail and a positive mention from the Guardian.

By Jove!


Stephen Fry on P.G. Wodehouse

I knew Wodehouse was a good writer, but I didn’t know he was so highly regarded!

When I read Wodehouse, I am filled with delight and when I’m not laughing out loud, my internal monologue is humming with silent mirth at every page.

His use of language is indeed sublime.


Stephen Fry on P.G. Wodehouse – YouTube.