Tigran Hamasyan Trio – Mockroot Concert

If you’re into Jazz/Nu Jazz, you have to listen to/watch this concert by the Tigran Hamasyan Trio. Tigran plays some of his material from his new album Mockroot.

It gets pretty intense sometimes and I just love the bass line and the sound that the bass puts out, especially turned up loud with some really nice over-ear headphones.

You can hear what I mean really clearly in Drip at 58:58.

Tigran is an awesome musician and he always has top class musicians accompanying him.

His trio at one stage included the drummer Mark Giuliana, who has also played with Avishai Cohen and Dhafer Youssef.

You can also hear Tigran’s touch on the piano with Dhafer Youssef on his Abu Nawas Rhapsody album.

There’s another guy you want to get to know, by the way – check out this concert by Dhafer in Turkey from 2013.

The section from 10:30 is freakin’ awesome!

I get to chill to these tunes while I do my work – so cool!


Sleepwalker featuring Josa Peit from Nostalgia 77

Great Video to go with a great song.

Josa Peit has a very expressive face and sweet molasses dripping from her vocal chords!


Tigran Hamasyan – The Court Jester

One commenter to this video says it just as succinctly as the most erudite music critic ever could – “Holy Smokes!”

Just listen.

Areni Agbabian

Tigran Hamasyan “Shadow Theater” – The Court Jester Official – YouTube.

Hear more from his latest album Shadow Theater here on YouTube:

The Poet

Road Song

Alternative Universe – Holy Smokes again! Impressive stuff!


Hiromi The Trio Project performing “Alive”

Another nice piece of Progressive Jazz from the Trio Project with Hiromi Uehara, bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips.

Anthony Jackson has played with Paul Simon, The O’Jays, Steely Dan and Chick Corea amongst others.

Simon Phillips has played with Toto, The Who, Judas Priest, David Gilmour, Jack Bruce as well as the heart thumping double bass drums of Mike Oldfield’s “Crises” (skip to about 17:00 into the Crises video to hear Simon go mental).


▶ Hiromi The Trio Project performing “Alive” live in the studio – YouTube.


Read more about Hiromi at her website: http://www.hiromimusic.com/ .

Tigran Hamasyan – Phenomenal Jazz Pianist

I just discovered Tigran Hamasyan, a truly phenomenal musician from Armenia.

From a brief search on YouTube, you see him performing with people like Dhafer Youssef, Trilok Gurtu, Lars Danielsson and Nguyen Le. In a few clips he’s joined on drums by Marc Giuliano, who I know as Erik Trufazz’s drummer.

This guy is incredible!

On the video below his Trio is joined by Nguyen Le, a very good jazz guitarist. To me Nguyen has a 70’s Jazz Fusion sound – so nice.

Be patient and stick with the intro or skip ahead to about 3:30 for the instruments to kick in.

A few of Tigran’s other songs I’ve loved so far are:


and Red Hail Part 1:Serpentine

Just Wow!

Eivind Aarset – Drøbak Saray Live from Damascus

OK, I’ve added a few Jazz posts lately, but I have to add just one more for now.

Eivind Aarset is a guitarist – a very good guitarist, and being a typical Scandinavian musician, his music can sometimes be a bit heavy.

I absolutely love the the song in the link below.

It’s dripping with a heavy, exotic mood, like cold honey off an anvil.

The bass player adds a really grungy reverb at times, (e.g. at 7mins 38secs) which makes you believe the walls of Damascus are gonna come tumblin’ down. (Play it loud)

Eivind Aarset – Drøbak Saray Live from Damascus – YouTube.