Boorowa Ride

This past week I did my first 130km ride to a country town called Boorowa and back.


Old Butchery in Boorowa

I didn’t go super fast, but I had a really good time.

A couple of things I noticed during the ride:

  • country roads around here undulate endlessly: they go down, then up , then down, then up….when will it end?
  • my entry level aluminium road bike with 25mm tyres is awesome and MUCH more comfortable than I imagined it would be. Carbon/steel/titanium are apparently even more comfortable, so when I eventually upgrade I will have a lot of fun test riding some of my options.

Boorowa is a small, but very pretty town on the  south-west slopes of NSW, Australia. It is famous for its wheat and canola production and for being the home of the endangered Superb Parrot, which is a very brightly plumed bird. I saw quite a few Superb Parrots on my ride. I’ve seen so many around here and where I live that they don’t seem too endangered to me – at least not around here. But it’s good to make sure they are looked after eh?

Superb Parrot

Boorowa also holds its annual Irish Woolfest in October each year, which features “The Running of the Sheep”, Boorowa’s equivalent to “The Running of the Bulls” in Pamplona, Spain. For a light-hearted look at the event, see the video below.

The most beautiful part of the ride is the road into Binalong on the way back from Boorowa, which is lined with green trees and shady patches.

The picture below is on the slight uphill before you get to the greenery. As you can see the day was bright and clear.

Hughstonia Road on the way to Binalong

The towns on the route include Yass, Rye Park, Boorowa, Binalong and Bowning.

Between Yass and Rye Park, there are about 10kms of gravel, but it’s mostly not too rough and was easily covered.

I recommend the ride to anyone who wants an enjoyable day on the bike.

Keep riding!


New women’s focused cycling site – Ella Cyclingtips

The boys and girls over at have just introduced a women’s focused sister website called Ella, from the Spanish for ‘her’ or ‘she’.

Ella Home

As some of you will know it’s supposed to be pronounced ey-ya, but in Australia it will no doubt be pronounced el-la and that sounds good too.

Tell all of your female cycling friends and don’t forget to bookmark it even if you’re a male cyclist. We all need to raise the profile of women’s cycling.

Well done cyclingtips!

Ella Home.