Saddler and Co | Fine Saddles and Leather Goods

A plug for a very talented saddler and leather worker from country New South Wales, Australia.

Bede Aldridge of Saddler & Co. crafts saddles and leather goods from the finest quality leathers at his workshop in Dubbo , NSW, Australia.

He has launched his online store with a stylish range of quality saddles and leather goods available for sale, but he also makes saddles and leather goods to your own specification.

The online store sells leather belts, bags, iPad & iPhone cases, whips, knife pouches, covers for (paper) notebooks, bridles, reins, tack and saddles, among other things.

I’ve seen and caressed some of his beautiful leather tote bags with my own eyes and hands and they are a delight to the senses as well as being practical and solid in construction.

Check out his online store and get in touch with him if you need him to make some specialised leather goods you just can’t find anywhere else!


For long-lasting, dapper teeth…

The Manchester Unity Building in Melbourne, Victoria, is a wonderful example of 1930s architecture, the sort of thing you’d see in a Hercule Poirot movie.

It was built in 1932: “The tallest building in Melbourne and built in the modern commercial Gothic style, the Manchester Unity Building was described by the Melbourne Age as a ‘Wonder Building’, with ‘every modern convenience for tenants and their clients’. It was far ahead of its time, in terms of both aesthetic splendour and technological sophistication.”

Leanne Cole has a wonderful set of photos of the boardroom of the building, including this one of two bulky leather chairs beside a decorative fireplace.

I’m very impressed. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but those luxurious, square lines are just beckoning me to relax with a good, musty old copy of Biggles or a broadsheet newspaper.

Almost makes me want to take up pipe smoking.

Take a look around the building’s website for some virtual tours and information on what must surely be the very best Dentistry in all the world complete with authentic period music!!

And for the kids…

Holey Moley!

Beautiful Bicycles – Chiaki’s White Hart City from Tomii Cycles

Nao Tomii moved from Japan to Massachusetts in the U.S.A. to study art.

From there he started scultping and eventually fused his love of sculpture with his love of cycling to form Tomii Cycles, where he creates utilitarian sculptures in the form of beautiful custom-built bicycles.

The city bike he built for Chiaki is testament to his skill as a designer and builder of beautiful things made of steel.

Chiaki's City Bike

Browse more photos from Tomii’s Flickr Photostream while listening to the soothing tune below from his blog:

Tomii Cycles – Beautiful bicycles with oversized attitude.