Drool-worthy Bikes – Bishop Bikes – Henry’s modern classic road

Well, all I can say is Holey Moley!

I adore Bishop Bikes and this road bike is just a stunner!

It’s built up with mechanical Campy Super Record and Enve wheels, seatpost & bars – very nice.

Enjoy more of the photo stream on Bishop Bikes’ Flickr page.

OK then.


This is going to hurt…

This is an image grab from a GoPro video camera attached to a bike. It captures the moment just before impact in a nasty cycle crash.

This image shows a glimpse of the possibilities for cycling being introduced through new technologies such as wearable computers like the Recon Jet featured in the video below.

For more insight, have a read of the post Visions of the future: wearable devices and cycling” over at CyclingTips.

Recon Jet Specs:

1 GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9
• 8GB flash

Wide screen 16:9 WQVGA display
Virtual image appears as 30″ HD display at 7′

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, ANT+, Micro USB, Integrated speaker and microphone

See the full specs here: http://jet.reconinstruments.com/tech-specs/


Rubbish Tip Bicycle Bargains

I’ve been buying old bikes from rubbish tips for a few years now, and along the way, I’ve gotten to know, in general terms, what sort of components, wheels and frames to look for as a sign of quality.

Most rubbish tip bikes, when cleaned up, are OK for occasional use by non-serious cyclists, but are heavy and clunky and not worth anything in monetary or heritage terms.

But sometimes you will come across a real classic.

I found this at the tip a few years back:

A 1980s Shogun Ninja with Shimano 105 groupset.

When I researched it, I discovered its frame was rated for people up to 90kg, so I foolishly sold her (I’m over 90kg, but trying to slim down) and had to make do with this tip find for a while:

A 1980s Appollo Concorde with full Shimano Exage Sport groupset.

I sold that one too. Now I ride another tip find very similar to this below for my work commute.

A 1989 Bianchi Equinox early cyclocross bike with a mix of top-of-the-line SunTour XC Pro and XC Comp mountan bike components.

It’s a great, solid, smooth ride, but it’s very upright and geared really low, so going from the Apollo to the Bianchi felt like going from a sports car to a bus.

But I won’t sell the Bianchi, It’s just too nice all round.

That said, I’m now on the lookout for a racier bike for my commute, so I get that feeling of youth flowing through my veins again as I race up the main street of Canberra at over 40km/h almost keeping pace with the traffic . 😉

I may be getting old, but I still like to blow the cobwebs out of my legs from time to time.

If I ever came across one of these, I’d snap it up in an instant.

It’s a 1985 custom-made Gangl with a frame of Reynolds 753 steel and Campagnolo Super Record and possibly C-Record components.

Phew, my brow is sweaty already!

Beautiful Bikes – Soulcraft Bicycles Dirtbomb

Soulcraft Bicycles are out of Petaluma, California, and they make “Top Notch Bicycle Frames”.

I live in a place where dirt roads are just as common as sealed and I ride both.

So a full-fledged road bike won’t cut the mustard for most of my rides.

Hence I hanker for Mountain bikes, Cyclocross bikes and Touring bikes.

All are able to handle the bumps and lumps I subject them to.

Soulcraft Bicycles’ Dirtbomb looks the goods for me.

Slightly upright geometry, knobbly tyres, and a mostly Shimano XT groupset on a light blue steel frame all combine to make my legs tingle in anticipation of another glorious ride out of the river valley where I live into the cool dawn light.

From the bike’s web page: “ Sometimes it’s easier to describe this bike by what it’s not. It’s not a 29r with a big ole’ fork and room for big tires, and it’s not a skinny cross bike designed to be set up like a road bike. It’s just sweet. Built around the Panaracer Fire Cross 700c x 45c tires, this machine begs to be taken everywhere. It’s the bike we take when we have no idea where we’re going… When people see the Dirt Bomb, the usual response is, “Oooooh. That’s what I need!”

To cap it all, the complete bike comes fitted with Paul Thumbies!!

You already know how much I love thumb shifters.

Sit back and enjoy the video below about The Making of a Soulcraft bike.