Short hikes in Bungonia National Park – White Track

After our adventure on the Red Track at Bungonia, my son and I decided to do an overnight camping trip down the White Track to camp on the edge of the Shoalhaven River.

The day was bright and clear as we headed down the slope to the River, once again quite steep, but not quite as bad as the Red Track.

BungoniaWhiteTrack view of the Shoalhaven from Mt Ayre lookout

The view from the top was awesome and you can make out our campsite right at the bottom of the slope.


We found a great little spot which was actually on Bungonia Creek, but also only 50 metres from the Shoalhaven River. The birdsong was just gorgeous – have a listen here.

We set up camp, then swam and explored the area before cooking some dinner and resting up for the night.

In the morning we explored some more by the banks of the Shoalhaven River and relaxed and watched the bubbles coming up from what we assume were turtles looking for food in the river.

By midday we had packed and were ready for the climb back up, which was steep, but we encouraged our efforts by counting our steps and guessing how many steps it would be to the top.

Bungonia White Track climb out

It turned out to be about 1500 steps or so to the first flat area.

On the way up

Once back at Mt. Ayre lookout we rested and then tramped back to the car and drove to Goulburn for a coffee and some cheesecake at Greengrocer Cyclery before heading home.

Bungonia White Track Mt Ayre Lookout

It was a great trip. If we do it again, we will spend a few days down in the valley hiking further along the river and maybe head up to Tallong at Long Point Lookout.


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