Beautiful Bikes – Fyxomatosis build of a vintage ALAN

Andy White of Fyxomatosis recently posted a beautiful custom rebuild of an ALAN.

Andy is a real bicycle fan and you can see it from all of the detailed photos of the ALAN he has taken from a large variety of angles.

From what I can gather…

ALAN is a private factory from Italy.

These vintage ALAN’s were screwed and glued (the tubing threaded into the lugs) and they were very light for the time.

They still make bikes, but now they’re using carbon fibre instead of screwed and glued aluminium.

ALAN had a wonderful run as being the top frame in cyclocross for about 20 years and had about 7 world championships to its race credits.

Cycling teams which used ALAN frames included: the national amateur team of Poland (1973/1974) Magniflex Italy from 1974 to 1979, Furzi, Vibor, GBC, Selle Royal, Fiorella, Famcucine, TEKA Santini (Spain), FANGIO (Belgium), VARTA (Colombia), Fanini (Love and Life) and GUERCIOTTI.

Indivduals who used ALAN frames include: Zilioli, Low, Bertoglio, Gavazzi, Baronchelli, Beccia, Battaglin, Thevenet, Kuiper, Lejretta, Parra, Lucio Herrera, Johansson, and in cyclo-cross Liboton, Zweifel, Wolfsholl, Stamsnijder, Thaler, Kluge and the Italians Di Tano and Pontoons (21 world titles won in cyclo-cross) and on the track Clark, Risi, Golinelli, Brugna and Villa.

Occasionally an ALAN frame would fail by cracking at the lugs (usually head lugs) a failure which could be fixed by screwing in a new lug.

All I know is that they sure look nice.


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