Jewellery For Your Bike

My friends think I’m a little strange because I have a strip of leather with wooden beads threaded through it hanging from my bike saddle.

I got the idea from a picture I found somewhere on the interwebs of some sort of jewellery hanging from the saddle of a fixed gear bike.

I call this Bike Jewellery.

Some would rail against such an idea, desiring nothing but the pristine shiny steel of their machines to be put on public display.

But for others, their bike is a fashion accessory which needs to be prettied up to suit their personality, just like the rest of their belongings.

Here is another example of Bike Jewellery from Japan.

And here are some walnuts sparkled up and hung as bike nuts.

Bicycle balloons!

Have a browse of some other bike fashion below.

Baguettes anyone?

Red wine or White?

Hello Kitty Tyres

…and a cycling Mr Spock fan.

If you want more, try 7 fashion statements for your bicycle, photos tagged with bike bag on Tumblr, Luv Handles Bike Boutique, or 9 Unique, Stylish Bicycle Accessories.


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