Hufnagel Cycles’ Fabulous Friction Shifter Mounting Options

I love old-fashioned friction shifters.

I don’t see why we moved away from them on bicycles, especially for bicycles intended for leisurely riding.

I have an old “bitsa” bike, in the form of a flat-bar road bike, made up of lots of spare parts which I sometimes use for commuting to work.

It has friction thumb shifters on the handlebars and a 10-speed Suntour drive train, renowned as having the best tech in friction shifters in their day.

Changing gears is sooo silky smooth, which I can only describe as giving a a sort of chocolate melting-in-the-mouth sensation for your legs  as you shift.

So I was delighted to discover Jordan Hufnagel’s interesting friction shifter mounting options.

Especially the one directly below. What a great idea!

I suppose Shimano, Suntour and Campagnolo investigated this shifter positioning option during their extensive research programs, but I wonder why it was passed over for other designs?

Just looking at it, it seems so perfect, especially for upright riding styles on city bikes.

I also love the shifter mounted to the brake handle in the photo below.

Shifter mounting | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Below is a clamp-on downtube shifter attachment, which looks like it’s also been brazed onto the downtube.

Visit Hufnagel Cycles’ Flickr Photostream for more pictures.


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