eBooks will never take off!

Yes, you heard me, eBooks will never take off!

Despite the fact that the Association of American Publishers is saying that e-book sales have sky-rocketed over the last year, I predict that this trend will be a mere fad which quickly reaches its zenith and begins to fade.

“From whence ariseth thine overweening surety?” I hear you ask (certainly I do.)

Let me tell you plain.

I am the proud owner of an iRiver Story HD eBook reader.

Within its electronic heart lie a number of  eBooks, certainly not yet a countless number of them, but a number, just the same.

Into the literary delights of this countable number of eBooks I have begun to delve, so far with encouraging results.

I lie awake in my bed at night, reading Wodehouse until the wee small hours of the morn, with the text of my eReader rotated ninety degrees counter-clockwise, so that I can comfortably lie on my side, only exposing a single thumb and forefinger to the frigid elements without my eiderdown blanket.

Else I sprawl lazily upon my lounge in close proximity to the gas heater with my eReader comfortably ensconsed in my palm, Rice-Burroughs expounding large upon the multiple and multifarious dangers faced by John Carter on Barsoom.

My eBook reading experience is proceeding upon favourable grounds.

I am beginning to succumb to the claims of eBook proponents that they will soon overtake the world of literary endeavour completely.

Until, that is, one simple, horrific fact assails my senses.


At least not without enduring the danger of nodding off to sleep and letting it slip into the soapy suds surrounding my nebulous nether regions.

Ignore those spurious attempts to tell you otherwise: reading through cling film simply saps all romance from the endeavour.

No, I won’t have it!

I must have my bath-time reading.

There are so few things otherwise left to do on the cold, dark, lonely nights I must endure in my chosen place of residence.

eBooks have lost my backing!

Paperback books will remain firmly on my shopping list for the foreseeable future.

One concession I do allow: perhaps I should move to warmer climes.


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