Why are Christians so annoying?

What is the deal with Christians anyway?

They are like uber-persistent, irritating little terriers nipping at your heels- they won’t go away even if you kick them across the room.

Well, from the perspective of a Christian it is simple.

Our whole purpose in life is to be witnesses to what we have seen and heard and experienced in regard to the veracity of the claims of Jesus Christ.

We don’t believe in ideas. If we believed in Jesus Christ as an idea, most of us would stop being Christians within six months.

We believe in the real, often life-changing  experience of of the living Jesus Christ in our lives.

I know that a common response to this is to say that we are brainwashed, gullible fanatics, but honestly, we’re not, (well, maybe some of us are, but then some of you are too).

  • We are just as clever as some of you.
  • We are just as dumb as others of you.
  • We are just as noble and good as many of you.
  • We are just as evil and sinful as others of you.
  • When you ridicule us, we understand – it sounds stupid to us too.
  • When you try to reason with us, we understand, we reason the same way ourselves.

The only difference between us is that we are making the claim that we have actually really met God, not because we are different from you or better than you, but just because we have met him.

We bear witness to the fact that he truly is real, in spite of how silly and unsupportable and illogical it all sounds.

It doesn’t matter what you might say in counter to our claims, our own eyes and our own ears and our own experiences, multiplied by the millions of people who share these experiences, keep reinforcing in us every day what we would all too easily abandon if it were not thrust upon us afresh each time we encountered God.

We bear witness to the fact that God is real and that Jesus Christ is his Son and that he offers all men eternal life if they change their minds about him and accept his offer of eternal life in him.

Essentially, we are witnesses.

  • If you disagree and abuse us, it is no skin off our nose.
    We are simply telling you the truth we have come to know.
  • If you delude yourself into thinking that we are all deluded, it is no skin off our nose.
    We are simply telling you the truth we have come to know.

And we have to keep telling you this because we really, truly have seen and heard and experienced the truth of Jesus Christ, plain and simple.

There doesn’t have to be any religious bells and whistles surrounding it. These facts stand without the need for ceremony or ritual.

If we were not to persist in this ‘delusion’ then we would be lying to you.

We are persistent because God is persistent in interweaving his presence in our lives – he won’t let us forget about him.

Our message is this: Jesus Christ is real. He died in our place to make us right with God, that includes you if you accept his offer. He loves you and wants you to live forever with him. All you have to do is change your mind, believe in him and follow him for the rest of your life.

That’s the point of view from a Christian perspective.


3 thoughts on “Why are Christians so annoying?

    1. Thank you for your comment Kathleen.

      My quasi-jest about “kicking [dogs] across the room” must have struck the right nerve for you, as it was intended to do.

      You obviously have empathy with the statement, possibly experiencing exactly the same feelings when Christians have witnessed to you.

      The ironic thing is, that in your comment, you kicked me across the room.

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