Oh Gnome 3, you’re beautiful!

I’m sorry to say it for all of you Unity/Gnome 3 haters out there, but following up on my post about Ubuntu Unity, I have to make the public statement that my favourite Linux Desktop is now Gnome 3!


Yes, I’ve had to adjust the way I use my desktop, but now I virtually don’t have to click my mouse anymore – at least I click it far less than any other desktop I’ve ever used.

I’m not talking about becoming a devotee of the purely keyboard driven interface paradigm, either.

I’m so used to just sliding my mouse to the top left corner of the screen in Gnome 3 that I do it automatically in whatever environment I’m working in – Unity/Windows/Mac OS X.

  • I wanna change to another app – slide to top left, click on app.
  • I wanna change to another desktop – slide to top, left click on desktop.
  • I wanna launch an app – slide to top left, type app name, hit enter.

Slide, slide, slide – sliding has smoothed out my workflow. It has changed in these major ways:

1) I hardly use Alt + Tab anymore to switch between windows – instead I slide to the top right & click OR I slide to the right and click on the app in the right hand dock.

2) I use multiple desktops HEAPS more than I ever have before. I group similar applications on a desktop and switch between them using the methods above.

When an app has focus, I use Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Up or Down to move the app to the desired desktop.

I know many of you will have used this methodology for years, but for me it is just so much easier to do in Gnome 3.

3) I hardly ever use the Menu anymore. Yes I installed the Applications Menu extension to make it easier to find apps in a menu interface, but it is just as quick to slide top left or hit the Alt key and enter the text of the app if I know it.


Having sung Gnome 3’s praises, I do have to admit that all is not sunshine and lemonade, folks.

Gnome 3, in Ubuntu at least, pops up message boxes announcing that something has crashed very frequently, usually upon first startup.

These crashes do not seem to affect my ability to use Gnome 3, though. It rarely actually freezes the whole system. Only Firefox seems to freeze up at all regularly, and I think that is usually because of the Adobe flash player plugin.

I guess it just goes to show that you can’t always judge something by your first reaction to it.


6 thoughts on “Oh Gnome 3, you’re beautiful!

  1. Hey Peter, wow! Norwa…don’t know where that is, but I will in a few minutes. Terrific post. I’ve tried both Unity and Gnome 3. If I have to choose…Gnome 3…hands down. A lot of sliding to the upper-left corner. We recently found CrunchBang 11 (beta). Right-click and everything’s there. I think we’re looking for similar things in a user interface. Take a look at CrunchBang. It’s ugly at the start, but that can change very quickly. I’d love to hear more of your experiences with Gnome 3.

    Christian, woodworking,bicycling, reading…I think we’re kindred spirits. Please don’t stop. Enjoyed your post.

    1. Hi there Mr. Robofrog.

      Thanks for the tip for CrunchBang. I will try it out.

      Strangely enough, I’m playing around with Openbox at the moment as well!

      I prefer a Debian based system, so CrunchBang could be a winner!

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