The Prayer of an Atheist

This is a really funny post by DanielWallDammit.

He has a go at parodying not so much religion in general, but more particularly Christianity and the way Christians respond to Atheists.

The Prayer of an Atheist.

If you’ve read any of my other posts on this blog, you will realise that I am a Christian, and I laugh at this post because much of what he says is so close to the mark.

We Christians have a well-versed set of responses to Atheists and their claims that there is no God – so well versed that we sound very repetitious.

He’s making fun of Christian religious beliefs and that’s fair enough, I say.

I disagree with nearly everything he says, but it’s funny all the same!

It’s been interesting to watch over the years of my short life, all of the attacks against Christianity I’ve seen, as well as all of the stupid things which Christians just like me have done to tarnish the name of Christ.

But, when it’s all said and done, Christianity just keeps growing stronger and stronger all over the world.

Atheists tell Christians that it is our responsibility to prove to them that God really exists, but that’s just silly, isn’t it?

If God exists, then it is not Christians who need to prove his existence, it is God himself.

There’s no point us trying to convince anyone of God’s reality, because then their belief is based on the teachings of men.

When an Atheist claims that God does not exist, then, (if God does indeed exist) they are making that claim to God himself – to his face.

If he does exist, then it is up to God to respond.

The question of God’s existence is easily answered, by the way: just ask him.

If he’s not real he won’t respond.

That’s not so hard is it?

Really that’s all there is to it. If God is real, the way the Bible describes he is real, then he has promised to respond to any person who sincerely seeks him.

That is a public promise, which has opened him up to being accountable to all of the people in the world.

If he does not respond, then the Bible and all of its words are lies.

This is a dilemma for an Atheist, though. How can they ask a simple question like this of someone who does not exist? Moreover, I’m sure pride and a conviction of their own personal rectitude would form barriers for many Atheists, so that they couldn’t even contemplate the question anyway. If an Atheist was even to try to ask the question he would tacitly be admitting that there may be the possibility of a God.

I write this with not even a smattering of concern.

It is not my name that will be ridiculed if God does not respond to you when you seek him: it is God’s own name and his own reputation which is on the line.


2 thoughts on “The Prayer of an Atheist

  1. I didn’t believe in God. Then my dad asked me to ask Him to show Himself to me. That night, I did, though I felt foolish at first, I did it in all sincerity, and God did respond, and now I KNOW He is.

    1. Go Maudie and go God!

      Thanks for sharing that Maudie.

      I understand 100% what you are saying.

      In fact, now I find God pesters me for my attention when I don’t spend enough time with him.

      It seems that once we’ve made the first, hesitant approach, it opens up a can of wonderful whoop-ass as God reveals himself to us and we experience more and more of him each time we come to him anew.

      Keep going strong in the Lord.

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