Ubuntu broke my Laptop

Actually it didn’t really.

I just wanted to get the attention of Ubuntu users, ‘cos last time I posted about Ubuntu, I had the most hits I’ve ever had for any post I’ve made on this blog.

BUT – my laptop did break down two days ago. My fan has run out of wind, so to speak.

I guess it’s fair enough though, since the laptop is a Lenovo R61 which is five years old.

I have to save up my pennies beore I can afford a new one, so, in the intervening period, I have been experimenting with a slab of wood I have in the shed as my interim laptop.

Here is one a bit fancier than mine from SwissMiss: 


Mine looks more like this:

“Wait a minute!”, I hear you say, “You’re gonna come across a problem with that idea straight-aways.”

Yes, I thought of that problem even before you wrote your exclamation above.

My slab of wood does not have a wireless LAN adaptor!

I have found a solution, though. I have nailed a piece of rope to the back of the slab and have connected it to my wired network.

All I needed was a Cat5 to RopeNet Converter, which I got cheap from Hong Kong on eBay.

So far my experimentation has gone very well.

I loaded Ubuntu onto my slab with no probs – all the drivers were already available, so it just worked!

They do say Ubuntu will run on anything, and they are right.

I did have trouble getting my Touchpad to work, until I found that it was infested with Common Furniture Beetle wood-borers.

Ubuntu ships with drivers for Chalcophora japonica – the Flat-Headed Wood Borer – by default, so I had to add a PPA repository from Fine Woodworking Magazine and download the suitable driver from them.

Now it works great!

I wrote this post on my slab and all was going well, until I tried to publish it.


I racked my brains for a few hours then finally found the problem: there was knot in my rope.

I untied the knot, having to resort to using my teeth, ‘cos it was really tough knot, you know, and then my RopeNet worked a treat.

So, I’ll be using the slab, until I can save up $700 for a new Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E520.

I like the Thinkpads, they’re no-nonsense and built like brick outhouses.

So Yay Ubuntu! for saving my bacon, yet again.


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