Michael Coren believes Christianity is the most abused faith on Earth

I know it’s a divisive article, but I like what Michael Coren says in the article linked below.

Michael Coren interview: Why he believes Christianity is the most abusedfaith on Earth | Holy Post | National Post.

Michael Coren

Michael Coren is a Christian author, broadcaster and speaker who is known for his controversial views, usually controversial because he stands up for the Christian faith he believes in, but sometimes also controversial because he just does and says some silly things.

Here’s a post from his blog, which I actually agree with as well:

The Church of England Closes

This was inevitable. Liberal Protestantism is moribund, if not dead. People want Christ, not pop sermons and leftist social justice. Blessings to this good and brave man. Before long, there will be more Anglican bishops than Anglicans in church.

I believe Canada is very similar to Australia in the make up of its society and the attitudes of its people, maybe that is why what Michael says resonates with  me.

Thanks to Mad Maudie for linking to it in her blog, where I found it.


One thought on “Michael Coren believes Christianity is the most abused faith on Earth

  1. Christianity is easy to pick on because we don’t fight back. Nobody is afraid to call a Christian a bigot or homophobe because the person who says such things knows there will be no fighting back. Try that with “The Religion of Peace” [TM] and they’ll hack your head off with a rusty butter knife. The powers that be won’t touch that (and stupidly defend it) because they’re afraid. It just is what it is and no amount of arguing or rhetoric will fix or change it.

    Nobody said our path was an easy one to walk.

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