I decided to start riding to work again today

I’ve been taking a break from riding to work while working on my house extension.

Today I started up again.

Some of you will think me foolish to have started just now. (See below)

I got on my bike about 7:05 am.

So you don’t get the wrong idea, I drive my car to the outskirts of Canberra (a half hour drive)  and ride the rest of the way to work.

Work is about 20kms ride away give or take a kilometre or two, depending on the route I take.

And there are plenty of routes to choose from: Canberra Bike Path Map

My route today took me through scenery like this:

A nice way to start the day.

My tips for staying warm:

  • A thermal underlayer – top and bottom.
  • A good quality wind-proof top
  • A neck warmer – like motorcyclists use.
  • A wool beanie
  • Good warm socks
  • Good warm gloves
  • Exertion means you warm up and the heat stays in under all the gear you are wearing.

I wear all of this, yet still my feet get cold.

Nothing else gets cold, well except maybe my nose, but my feet always get cold, even with two pairs of socks on – one is a pair of Ground Effect Lucifer thermal socks, too.

I’ve also tried booties before, in addition to two pairs of socks, but my feet still get cold, especially after a longer ride.

I guess I must have bad circulation in my feet.

Nothing a good hot shower can’t cure though, which is awaiting me at work each morning!

Enjoy your day!



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