Rollonin Cafe Cycle Ride

Once a month a group of cycling afficianados from our church head off for coffee at a cafe about 22kms from town.

That’s not far, you exclaim! And indeed you are correct, but bear in mind we have had kids as young as 7 yrs and adults as old as 70 yrs along on the ride, so we are trying to cater to all ages.

We ride out of town and along back roads, some of which are gravel, taking in the sights and chatting with the sheep and horses when we are not chatting amongst ourselves.

Our destination is a great little place called The Rollonin Cafe at the little village of Bowning.

The cafe is great for kids ‘cos it has a big ol’ Clydesdale horse, goats, emus, and cows for them to pat.

If you ask, the staff will give the kids loaves of bread to give to the animals too.

Once we’ve had our coffees, a few of us ride back the way we came, but most people just get a lift back via an assortment of support vehicles which accompany us on the rides.


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