Atheists, please read my heathen manifesto | The Guardian

The UK’s Guardian newspaper recently ran this article containing a “heathen manifesto.” It attempts to give a gentler, more reasonable voice to the atheist polemic sweeping through the UK at the moment.

The writer seems quite reasonable in his arguments, but I still don’t agree with his point of view. There seems to be a general consensus among atheists that Christians somehow view themselves as better than other people:

“We are heathens because we have not been saved by God and because in the absence of divine revelation, we are in so many ways deeply unenlightened. The main difference between us and the religious is that we know this to be true of all of us, but they believe it is not true of them.”

This is exactly the opposite of the Christian experience.

Christians become Christians because we too come to the realization that we are unenlightened, but rather than despairing and resigning ourselves to cruel fate,  we believe we need to and can be saved by God.

In fact, for Christians it is divine revelation that makes us realize we are indeed unenlightened.

via Atheists, please read my heathen manifesto | Comment is free | The Guardian.


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