Apple, Guinness & Cheese Soda Bread

I watched River Cottage last night – the show was about making bread.

My wife had been making a great sour dough for dinner until a few months ago, but now I’d like to try making this one or a variation on the theme myself.

Hopefully it will overturn my preconception that making bread is hard.

Later on I might try replacing the Guinness with a Kilkenny.

River Cottage – Apple, Guinness & Cheese Soda Bread.

If you have an aversion to using alcohol in your bread, try a variant of the Classic Soda Bread, or maybe the Bacon, Cheese and Cider Soda Bread (I’m sure you could use non-alcoholic cider).

UPDATE: I’ve had my second attempt at the Classic Soda Bread, this time with added apples.

Still tastes nice with less salt, but the apples don’t add anything to the flavour. My wife suggests I should add cinnamon or sugar, so maybe I’ll try that as well next time.

Here is a photo of today’s effort.


5 thoughts on “Apple, Guinness & Cheese Soda Bread

    1. Well, I ended up baking the Classic Soda Bread Recipe last night, but I didn’t take photos.

      I will have to try again and add a few snaps of my efforts.

      It was very easy to make and it really is very tasty.

      With just three or four basic ingredients, it’s surprising how tasty and yummy it actually is.

      Add real butter and Apricot jam and it’s very nice indeed!

      I think the Classic Soda Bread recipe as it stands has a bit too much salt though.
      I will reduce it to half a teaspoon instead of a full teaspoon next time, and I will add an apple or a pear for extra flavor!

      1. OOh, I’m looking forward to the pics!!
        I love a bit of baking, and it’s great to share ideas and recipes and then try them out for yourself…
        I’m hoping to post some of my own ‘creations’ on here soon!
        Mmmm.. fresh bread.. 😀

      1. That looks UH-mazing!! I bet it tastes great too –
        The apple probably adds some moisture and maybe even a denser consistency?
        Cinnamon would be a great idea – and maybe some brown sugar to go with it?? I’ve got a great recipe for ‘Monkey Bread’ which is a basic bread recipe but the dough is rolled in brown sugar and cinnamon – very, very nice!!

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