I was riding along on my pushbike, honey…

…when I saw one of these on the verge of the road about a foot to the left of me and my bike.

A Red Bellied Black Snake. Thankfully they are fairly placid and I scared it more than it scared me.

As soon as it noticed me beside it, it jumped up and backwards away from me, like someone had tied a lasso around its neck and jerked it back.

I didn’t know they could do that.

It sort of looked like this at the start of its backward leap:

After this it just slid away into the grass.

The whole thing happened too quickly for me to really get a fright out of it.

We’ve had a lot of rain here and rain brings insects, and insects bring frogs and mice and other small marsupials, and small marsupials and mice bring snakes, and birds like Kookaburras who feed on all the wildlife (including snakes).

I’ve seen a lot of snakes in my life, but I’ve never been close to being bitten.



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