Sons of Korah – ultra-mega-absolutely-fantastic Christian worship band – IMO

Christians who don’t live in Australia may not have come across the inspirational\worship band Sons of Korah.

These are a group of very, very talented Christian musicians who put the Psalms to music. That’s all they do. Every one of their songs comes directly from a Psalm, not always word for word, but more often than not.

And wow are they good! At least in my opinion.

I saw them listed in my local Christian bookshop under Easy Listening, but I suspect that is because they don’t really fall into any single category very neatly.

My sister-in-law says they have a folksy sound – I don’t agree.

A friend in my Bible study says they are hard to listen to – I don’t agree.

But I like Progressive Rock, Jazz and World music so maybe my ears have been trained to be comfortable with interesting phraseology and eccentric musicianship.

Whatever the reason, I never tire of listening to these guys.

Their latest album Wait is absolutely fantastic, and they sound just the same live as they do on their albums.

They call themselves an acoustic band and are masters of all types of acoustic guitars in particular.

Yeah I know a lot of people claim to be good on acoustic guitars, but Sons of Korah really live up to the promise.

Have a listen to some of their music on their website via the Listen page.

Sons of Korah.

Or you can get 3 full songs on their MySpace page.


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