For Fans of P.G. Wodehouse – 30 Free eBooks Available on the Net

According to the list of books on,  P.G. Wodehouse wrote 99 books,  ( I suspect the list varies  in size depending on how you categorise the books).

At least 30 of these books are freely downloadable as eBooks from Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive.

Most of these are amongst the first ones in the list, published before 1923.

I’m yet to read them all, but I’m setting myself the task to try.

I’m not really a collector, but I’m tempted to start collecting all of the P.G Wodehouse books, even though I don’t really like the early ones about cricket and the shenanigans of youth in boarding schools.

Here is a link to the list with the available titles and where you can get them.



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