I Have Set the Lord Always Before Me

I read Psalm 16 today. It’s great.

I  said to the LORD, “You are my Lord;
apart from you I have no good thing.” v2   1984 NIV

“Apart from you I have no good thing.” I love this verse. It really focuses life. When I read that I stopped as if I’d never read it before. It was like a revelation. Nothing else I have matters in comparison to my  God, so why do I always forget this and treat God as a second rate citizen in my life? Why do I so often put God second or third or even last behind everything else in my life? No wonder life sometimes seems so messed up.

Then there’s verse 8:

I have set the LORD always before me. v8 1984 NIV

WOW! That’s a fantastic verse! Hebrews tells us to “Fix your eyes on Christ” Heb 3:2 and Paul tells us to “Set your minds on things above…” Coll 3:2

Anyone who has used Rapid-Set Cement will know how quickly it sets hard and immovable – a matter of minutes. Leave it for a  few days and it is solid as rock. In fact concrete keeps getting stronger over a number of years. Over two thousand years ago Roman engineers used concrete mixed with volcanic ash to build underwater footings for ports and coastal constructions. Many of these underwater footings still exist today. See this book for more information.

A concrete bath at Roman Caesarea in Israel

Concrete sets hard.  It really sets. When I read the verses above, it reminds me of the concrete the Romans poured so long ago which remains set to this day. God wants us to set our minds like that Roman concrete on heavenly stuff. So when David says he has set the Lord always before him the idea is that he has made him an immovable, permanent fixture before him.

That’s an ideal I’d love to live up to, but I really need God’s help to do it.


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