There is an interesting article over at New Scientist entitled:

Beyond God and atheism: Why I am a ‘possibilian’


It discusses the current stream of scientific/religious disharmony involving those on the side of atheism versus those on the side of any sort of religious views. The author prescribes to neither view but instead argues that science is and should be the pursuit of knowledge, no matter what your worldview and so he calls himself a “possibilian”, saying there may be world views out there which do not fit either the atheist or the religious systems. While I am a Christian, I ascribe to the Christian world view, so I don’t agree with his “possibilian” idea, but I like his description of what science is supposed to be:

“Real science operates by holding limitless possibilities in mind and working to see which one is most supported by the data. Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to gather data that weighs in – and in those cases we simply retain the possibilities. We don’t commit to a particular version of the story when there is no reason to.”

When you hold this view of science, there is no problem with introducing the idea that creationism has a place in the scientific realm. When and if the evidence shows that creationism is just rubbish, then it can be excluded, but until that time it should be retained as a possibility, even if most scientists think it is a loony possibility.

Of course, i am not a scientist, so my argument doesn’t hold much sway.



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