We Can’t Know Everything


I read this article today in the SMH by the physicist Russell Stannard. He has written a book which states that we humans can probably never understand everything there is to understand about our universe. He argues that there may never be a provable theory of everything, simply because there are some theories which we can’t test. For instance, he argues that String theory would need a Large Hadron Collider the size of a galaxy to prove or disprove.
He also believes that there are limitations to the abilities of the human brain, even the best of them.
He admits to believing in God, so he will probably be taken less seriously than if he was an atheist scientist, but if what he says is accurate then, it will be interesting for mankind when we finally face up to the limitations of our knowledge, and very humbling too, I think.

So if we can’t know it all who can? Some super-intelligent alien race? A freakish human born far into the future from a genetically engineered soup? Or maybe that old standard – God?


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